29. Queer, cis, submissive femme. She/her/hers.

Feminisms. Old movies. Occasional drawings. Random videos. Sexuality. Bats. Vampires. Batgirl. Gifs of bunnies flopping over. Ridiculous old pictures of myself being ridiculous. Queer stuff. Pictures of my cat. Lots of pictures of bunnies, actually.

That's pretty much it.
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Look at Fifty Shades Of Grey's knot.


Now look at my knot.


Now back at FSoG.  Now back at me.

This is the knot your knot could look like if you bothered to ask actual BDSM players, or hell, even their YouTube channels, before making a movie supposedly about BDSM.  I’m not a rope top and I did that one-handed.

I’m on a horse.


The thing where they justify abuse by saying “it’s BDSM, of course it’s sick and wrong” is still a bigger problem though.

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absinthecocktail replied to your post “I have a bobby pin in my belly button piercing right now. Apparently…”

Mine fell out on the train. I heard it hit the floor, and I was like “Oops. So much for that piercing.”

Yeah, I’m super stubborn about piercings (as you may have noticed from the bobby pin). I accidentally spent like 85$ to get it replaced and the new piercing (including a hefty tip because the piercer was this really amazing woman). 

But the new bar I have in is titanium and internally threaded! So I’m really excited about that.

Did yours end up closing up?

It did.  I’m thinking about re-doing it, since crop tops are back in style and I like showing off my belly these days.

I’m really cavalier about piercings at this point because (unless it’s something super complex, like genitals) I can ask my SO, the amazing vyvyan25, to do them for me and all I have to pay for is jewelry and maybe needles.