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[image description: a set of eight lesbian pulp covers, all with ridiculously cheesy and dramatic covers and titles]


That said I wonder how many of these were actually written by women. I presume the names aren’t much to go on.

Casual reminder that basically all lesbian pulp novels end horribly because that was literally required back then.


I heard an interview with one of the writers mentioned in that article (Ann Bannon) on NPR some years ago. Like pretty much everything NPR’s done, it’s online, though unlike more recent content, there sadly does not seem to be a transcript.

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there are sjws out there that make a great deal of effort of protecting their bigotry and going about saying “when i say i hate straight/cis/white/ people/males i don’t mean i hate all straight people i hate the oppression”


if you don’t mean it don’t fucking say it

you know that that’s not what you’re trying to say and instead of phrasing it to make it so that people don’t get mad at you you just go “oh i didn’t mean this and blah blah blah”

it’s your fucking fault that you said such bullshit in the first place

stop blaming others for your inability to say what you really mean

Fuck it, I’m feeling educational today. 

There’s this thing that none of you seem to know about called metonymy and it’s where you use a whole to stand in for a part. To give you an example, metonymy would be when someone says, “Washington is so corrupt these days,” and you understand that they do not mean that  every citizen of Washington, D.C., or even every congressperson in Washington, D.C. is completely morally bankrupt, and that they are actually talking about the idea of Washington, D.C. and the structure that is in place being corrupt. When “America” goes to war, every single American does not simultaneously take up arms. When “the internet” attacks someone, every person with an internet connection does not become a hivemind of anger aimed at an individual.

So when I say, “I hate straight people,” I am saying exactly what I mean. “I hate the system of oppression and homophobia that was set up by and benefits straights.” Metonymy. Boom.

But furthermore, it’s not even that I “hate the oppression” (although I do). I also hate those who are complicit, who benefit from a system that I can’t access, and when I demand entry, deny that they had any part of it or received any benefits, and tell me that I should make it the same way they did - without any help.

I do not care whether you get mad at me for saying that. I could not give a flying shit if that upsets you. I will say what I want to say and you will accept it, because as an ally that is your job.When you decided to call yourself an ally, you didn’t just sign up for the rainbow bracelets and the pretty gay marriage .gifs. You signed up to support the queer community and that means supporting queer people in what they say, feel and believe. Don’t blame me because you didn’t read the fine print.

Got my @ipsy bag today! I also had tinted lip balm, but I traded it for a better color. I’m so into this month’s bag.

Got my @ipsy bag today! I also had tinted lip balm, but I traded it for a better color. I’m so into this month’s bag.